sound engineer

General thoughts/conclusions

In conclusion I would like to add a general thought. I believe strongly in a clear and straight to the point communication between all the parties involved in the production. Give and require respect and clarity in such communications, a bit of basic psychology helps a lot. Make the effort of understanding what kind of person sits in front of you, believe me when I say that the sound is going to partially reflect the relationship between the all the parties involved. You, as an artist, can just benefit by doing this; remember that your name, the artist’s name, is going to be the first one associated with the product while maybe the credits for the work of the engineers is going to be on the last page of a booklet written in a size 9 Helvetica font and the amount of people that wants to check the credits is usually restricted to other geeks like me (I’m proud of being one) or other sound engineers (I’m proud of trying to make a living being one) that particularly liked the production.
Thanks for reading.
Good luck.

Thanks to my very good friend Candice Clemente for having the courage of going through this words and correcting the first draft. She’s been very helpful.

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