sound engineer


Hello everyone,
due to existence of popular beliefs and common mistakes I decided to write some basic guidelines about how musicians should approach their first production of a music album and in the case they decide to work with me how to send me material. I’m not writing this to be an annoying freak or because I’m a sound engineer that follows rules like they are some sort of dogma. My first aim is always to look after the quality of the production and to make any tune sound as good as possible. At the end of the day the work of a sound engineer is the medium that carries your art from your head and hands to the ears of a wider audience.
These are not in a particular order but please consider them a list of what comes to my mind randomly while thinking about these topics and believe me when I say that I fought hard to avoid writing another trilogy in 5 parts.
If you find any debatable or untrue facts or opinions in this pages please contact me, you would be given 2 choices: A) a chance of helping me make this guidelines better with full credits to your contribution; B) a big signed picture of my beard to use exclusively as a shooting target for your weapon of choice, I personally suggest the slingshot or the crossbow.
I will often update this pages if anything else comes to my mind.

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